Ceramic tile is gaining in popularity for both residential and commercial use because of its limitless potential. Available in multiple sizes, our collection of ceramic floor tiles features rich shades and textures. The quality and durability of Emerald Granite's ceramic tiles give the look of Italian, Spanish, and Chinese design at an affordable price point. Using innovative designing techniques, our products emulate natural stone looks to conform to today's casual lifestyle. This fine range of premium surface products enriches the look of any installation into a lively and enduring contemporary style.

Acazia - Blackwood

Acazia - Excelsa

Acazia - Koa

Acazia - Mangium

Balboa - Amber

Balboa - Grey

Balboa - Ice

Balboa - Moka

Belmond - Mercury

Belmond - Obsidian

Belmond - Pearl

Carolina Timber - Beige

Carolina Timber - Beige 12X15

Carolina Timber - Gray

Carolina Timber - Gray 12X15

Carolina Timber - Saddle

Carolina Timber - Saddle 12X15

Carolina Timber - White

Carolina Timber - White 12X15

Celeste - Grayseas

Celeste - Nutmeg

Celeste - Taupe

Essentials - Ansello Grey

Essentials - Ansello Ivory

Essentials - Charisma Silver

Essentials - Charisma White

Essentials - Sigaro Dunes

Essentials - Sigaro Ivory

Essentials - Vision Glacier

Essentials - White Vena

Gridscale - Concrete

Gridscale - Graphite

Gridscale - Gris

Napa - Beige

Napa - Gray

Napa - Noce

Sonoma - Driftwood

Sonoma - Oak

Sonoma - Palm

Sonoma - Pine

Tempest - Beige

Tempest - Grey

Tempest - Natural

Turin - Bianco

Turin - Grigio

Turin - Nero

Turin - Taupe